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Ruby Falls, inside Lookout Mountain

Ruby Falls is a historic landmark located in Chattanooga Tennessee that has been a destination of discovery and wonder for visitors from around the globe for almost 100 years!

The Ruby Falls classic waterfall tour allows you to explore ancient geological formations on a guided walking tour along the cavern trail to the tallest and deepest underground waterfall open to the public in the United States!  

You begin the tour topside at Cavern Castle, a stately landmark that was built from limestone excavated during the construction of the underground elevator shaft!

And on top of the Ruby Falls Cavern Castle is an observation platform that provides stunning views of the Tennessee Valley and Cumberland Plateau! 

My son Charlie and I visited the Cavern Castle on a beautiful, sunny June day and we could see for miles in all directions! 

Open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM, Ruby Falls is located approximately 10 minutes from downtown Chattanooga just off of the South Scenic Highway!

You can also experience spectacular views while soaring through the treetops on 700 feet of zip lines if desired at the Ruby Falls High Point Zip Adventure!

Ruby Falls is committed to protecting and preserving the natural wonders of the cave for the enjoyment and education of future generations. The solar panels on their roof is one example. 

You go inside the building to purchase your tour tickets and gain access to the cave!

Inside the Cavern Castle there is a gift shop with an extensive collection of keepsakes and gifts for sale, as well as quick-serve cafe with table seating.

The adventure begins as you descend 260 feet by elevator into historic Lookout Mountain. As you can see in the photo, there are numerous signs posted informing you that once underground, the tour takes about an hour and there are no bathrooms available, so go before you descend! 

You step off of the elevator into the cave where you are met by your tour guide who takes you through the 30-minute cave walk to the waterfall (click the arrows to scroll through the posted photos). Along the way, you see ancient geological formations of all types.

Click on the video below to see a perspective of walking through the cave! 

Accessibility – As you can see in the video, due to natural formations, narrow passages, and steps, the cavern is not wheelchair or stroller accessible. 

You gradually descend to 1,120 feet underground as you walk to the underground waterfall. As you can see in the photos, the cave ceiling above you is just spectacular along the way (click the arrows to scroll through the posted photos)!

Besides your guide pointing out things along the way, there is also signage that helps focus your attention.

I have included a short video below if you would like to see the cavern ceiling in video format.

In 1928, while excavating an elevator shaft to reach Lookout Mountain Cave, a small opening was uncovered 260 feet below the surface. Leo Lambert and a small crew entered the mysterious crevice to explore the newfound cave and made a startling discovery which was a towering underground waterfall! Leo named the magnificent falls in honor of his wife Ruby. 

When your group first enters into the underground waterfall chamber, there is soft music playing and only a few dim lights on so you cannot really make out the waterfall. You can hear it and feel the cold air generated by the falling water but cannot yet comprehend how majestic it is.

Colored lights slowly illuminate the pool that the waterfall empties into and then they show the chamber ceiling where the source of the falling water comes from, and you hear everyone gasp as they see just how high the waterfall is!

To get a more realistic feel of the falls, click on the video below! 

The “Classic Waterfall Tour” is great for the whole family! I shared the experience with my son Charlie.

They also have a “Lantern Tour”, which is an after-hours guided tour illuminated only by hand-held lanterns! You can get more information on Ruby Falls and all it has to offer through their website at –

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