• Food Media Network’s website

    Food Media Network’s website

    Be sure to check out our main website at foodmedianetwork.com if you haven’t done so already!  At the Food Media Network’s website (https://foodmedianetwork.com) you will find tabs to the various podcasts, videos, and courses that are offered.  Culinary School Stories (www.culinaryschoolstories.com) is a podcast with engaging interviews with people from around the world that have…

  • Irish Christmas Stollen

    Irish Christmas Stollen

    Irish Christmas Stollen Stollen are prized throughout the world as one of the most famous and beloved of all Christmas pastries (though they are wonderful at any time of the year!) This Irish version recipe is flaky, moist, and super flavorful! To start, place the chopped candied citrus peels, raisins and chopped almonds in a…

  • Candied Citrus Peels

    Candied Citrus Peels

    Candied Citrus Peels Candied citrus peel is “Wicked Easy” to make yourself, contains no chemicals or additives, and tastes so much better than store-bought! Sugar and citrus fruit peels are all you need to make candied citrus peels. Besides oranges and lemons, other citrus fruit can also be used such as limes and grapefruits! Slice…

  • Almond Paste – (Marzipan)

    Almond Paste – (Marzipan)

    Homemade Almond Paste / Marzipan Making your own almond paste / marzipan is “Wicked Easy”, saves you a lot of money, and couldn’t be more tasty! Place the almond flour and powdered sugar in a food processor and pulse until combined and any lumps have been broken up.  Add the almond extract and pulse to…

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